Update v1.6.5

Holy crap i'm still alive! I decided to take a break from my next game to work on this one a bit more and I have fixed a few bugs and added a few things that won't reinvent the game but should make for a better user experience

Change log:

-Unfinished levels no longer show up, so no crashes from this anymore.

-The upgrade noise now fades overtime so it is no longer as grating.

-In game ui text now has a slight shadow effect to make it easier to read.

-Walls now have intermediary stages between their hit-points so its far more obvious that you are repairing the wall.

-The in-game camera is now as smooth as it can be without increasing the resolution.


Space Repair! v1.6.5.exe 29 MB
Jan 26, 2018
Space Repair!.exe 5 MB
Sep 16, 2017

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